The Mentalist

If your a fan of the CBS drama The Mentalist, you will be more than happy to hear this latest casting news. The series headliner Simon Baker has just signed on to star in the indie film, The Killer Inside Me. According to IGN, the film will be directed by Michael Winterbottom and is currently in production in New Mexico, but will be moving to Oklahoma for the remainder of the shoot.

The Killer Inside Me is about a small town sheriff (Casey Affleck) who goes from a protector of the innocent to a deranged killer. Other members of the cast include Kate Hudson who will star as a school teacher, and Affleck’s love interest. Jessica Alba will portray a prostitute (I won’t go there) and Baker will star as an attorney. The film is making up for some lost time due to it’s delayed shooting schedule. The initial funding for the 13 million dollar project fell through in January when filming was supposed to begin. Yet, fortunately they found a new investor in the form of Hero Entertainment and now everything is moving along as planned.

I love Simon Baker. He’s been around for years, and is a pretty good actor. How many people actually know that he’s from Australia? Not many, because he’s so good at hiding that accent! Thanks to his show he’s starting to get some overdue recognition, which I think is well deserved. Hopefully, more character driven projects will come his way and he can showcase more of his skills on the big screen.

What do you think about Baker joining the cast of the indie drama The Killer Inside Me? What do you think of the other actors involved?