Although the film, The Road, doesn’t hit theaters until October 16th, that doesn’t stop people from talking about it. Esquire Magazine has written the first review for the movie they seem to really like the film. In fact, they say it is “the most important film of the year.” That’s quite the statement!

The film is directed by John Hillcoat, and stars Viggo Mortensen, Rober Duvall, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, and Kodi Smit McPhee and is based off of Cormac McCarthy’s novel, The Road. The story is about a man (Mortensen) and his son (Smit McPhee) as they travel through a post-apocalyptic America. The setting is very dark, and covered in ash. The two are attempting to make it to the coast, yet they don’t know what awaits them there.

Here are two excerpts from the Esquire Magazine review:

The Road is no tease. It is a brilliantly directed adaptation of a beloved novel, a delicate and anachronistically loving look at the immodest and brutish end of us all. You want them to get there, you want them to get there, you want them to get there — and yet you do not want it, any of it, to end.”

“A story without guarantees. In every moment — even the last one — you’ll want to know what happens next, even if you can hardly stand to look.” …  “You have to see it. Really. You do. Not because it’s grim, not because it’s depressing, or even scary. The Road is all of those things, both acutely and chronically. But there was not a single stupid choice made in turning this book into this movie. No wrongheaded lyric tribute to the novel. No moment engineered simply to make you jump.”

The Road has the makings of being a really good film. The cast is really good, and the story sounds pretty good. A positive review at this time definitely doesn’t hurt.

What do you think? Does this interest you at all?

Source: Slashfilm