One of my favorite actors who continues to get legitimate work is Al Pacino. According to THR, Pacino is set to star in the highly anticipated film adaptation of the book, Blink. Blink has slowly been making it’s way towards the silver screen ever since Leonardo DiCaprio first optioned it off. With the addition of director Stephen Gaghan, and Pacino as it’s lead this is turning out to be quite the movie!

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Not only will Blink be directed by Gaghan, but he has also penned it’s screenplay. The story focuses on the estranged relationship between a father (Pacino) and his 20-something son. The father is a financier living in Connecticut, while the son is an “idealistic drifter” who occasionally teaches in New York City. The interesting thing that brings the two together is a simple “blink”. The son has the ability to read people by just glancing over them, and the father wants to use this talent to his advantage on Wall Street. This way he gets what he wants, while helping his son find a purpose in life.

The script is already complete, but the role of the son has yet to be filled. What young actor is talented enough to hang with Pacino? This isn’t like back in the day where you had him and Chris O’Donnell, Matthew Broderick and Marlon Brando, or even DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Good, young actors who are more than just a pretty face are hard to find.

What younger actor do you think can play Pacino’s son in Blink?