Cannes Film Festival Poster

Well, Cannes Film Festival is about to begin, but before it does, studios are trying to entice audiences, filmmakers, and distributors, to see their films with the cunning use of posters! Alex Billington from FirstShowing took a little walk down the Croisette, the famous street in which everything will soon take place, in order to check out some of the artwork being displayed. It seems like everyone, big and small is looking to get some attention from Cannes.

Check out some of the posters on display at Cannes below….

Normally I would say that the poster for A Christmas Carol looks a little out of place, but since Up is opening the festival, it’s no wonder Disney is trying to push their future projects.

I like the bare bones poster for Lovely Bones. They really don’t need much to sell that film now do they?

Martin Scorsese‘s poster for Shutter Island featuring Leonardo DiCaprio is the exact opposite of the Lovely Bones poster. The font and the overall tone reminds be of a Grisham novel.

What do you think?

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