Many of you who went to see Zack Snyder’s Watchmen had some issues with the casting of Matthew Goode as Dr. Ozymadias. Some felt he was too young, while other’s thought his acting wasn’t up to par. Granted Goode’s resume doesn’t boast of  many American films, but I still think he deserves a fair shot. According to THR, comedic genius Ricky Gervais must see something in him because he just cast the actor in his latest comedy, Cemetery Junction.

Cemetery Junction is a dramedy that takes places during the 1970′s. The story focuses on a group of salesmen who work at Prudential Insurance. It will chronicle the ups and downs of their relationships with each other and the respective women in their lives. Goode will portray a “go getter”  who just so happens to be dating his bosses daughter. Gervais and collaborator Stephen Merchant both wrote the screenplay and will also direct. 

This is one of several romantic comedies on the horizon for Goode. He’s already earned a principle role in the film Leap Year, which will co-star Amy Adams. I guess I’m one of the many people who choose to sweep his 2004 rom-com, Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore under the rug. Yep, that was him in that. I shamelessly watched it on ABC Family one Sunday. The options were pretty slim that afternoon.

What do you think of his casting in a Ricky Gervais comedy? Do you think he’s got the chops to make us laugh?