It looks as if we’re going to have a He’s Just Not That Into You sequel on our hands! Not really, but something similar to it. According to the NYtimes, director Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day is starting to get a surge in the casting department. Due to the success and popularity of the previous film, New Line Cinema wants to stick with a winning formula and get as many random actors they can to star in a similar project!

Find out who’s on the roster after the jump.

The cast of He’s Just Not That Into You consisted of Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johannson, Drew Barrymore, Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, Kevin Connolly, Jennifer Connelly, Gennifer Goodwin, and I’m pretty sure I’m missing somebody but you get the point . After debuting at number one and raking in 94 million during it’s run, no wonder New Line wants to milk this cow for all it’s worth. The romantic comedy Valentine’s Day has vague plot details, but will consist of “a bunch of would-be romantics working their way through a tangle of circumstances in Los Angeles.”

The actresses who are currently in negotiations to star in the film are Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Shirley MacLaine. Some of the actors up for roles include Bradley Cooper who previously starred in the other aforementioned film, and possibly Ashton Kutcher. Marshall himself emphasized that “Valentine’s Day is still more a negotiation than a movie.”

By going off of the group of actresses who may possibly star in the movie, I’m not particularly impressed. Producing a film with both Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel is just dangerous and irresponsible. Yet, kudos to Bradley Cooper for manipulating the system and finding away into another ensemble. 

What do you think of the potential cast for Valentine’s Day? Do you think they can replicate the success of He’s Just Not That Into You?