Remember when we posted the above picture the other day of Robert Downey Jr. lounging around on what looked like a fake rock for Iron Man 2? Well, apparently it wasn’t a fake rock, it was a fake donut! Below are pictures of Iron Man taking a little coffee and donut break in the hole of an LA landmark. There are also some photos of RDJ hanging out on set with either his stunt double, or someone who just likes walking around in tights and a similar hair style.

Apparently, Samuel L Jackson has begun shooting, because there are some photos of him getting dressed up in full Nick Fury garb and wandering around set. I always find it odd to see well known characters like just wandering around set. It takes away from some of the movie magic.

But! If the magic has already been ruined for you, and someone has told you the truth about Santa, check out all the photos on photoshelter now.