After the successful weekend that Fast & Furious spawned for actor Vin Diesel, it’s no surprise he wants to stick to that winning formula.Vin Diesel plus fast cars equals box office gold. According to Rope of Silicon, the actor has signed on to star in the video game adaptation The Wheelman. John Singleton is attached to direct the film, which will mark his first time working with the actor.

The Wheelman focuses on a former expert driver who is forced out of retirement while protecting a woman from his past. Interesting team up here, because the screenplay was written by Rich Wilkes who also penned the script for another fast paced Diesel hit, XXX. Director John Singleton has a vague connection to the actor, being that he directed the first sequel to The Fast and the Furious entitled, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Ironically that’s the one film Diesel sat out of the franchise.

I guess Diesel can’t have a hit unless a vehicle, airplane, or motorcycle is speeding across the screen. Fast & Furious is the first solid box office opening he’s had in a very long time. Last summer’s Babylon A.D. didn’t fare too well, and received harsh reviews from fans and critics. I miss the old days when Vin was the man. What happened to those?

Do you think The Wheelman will be a hit for Diesel? Should the actor stick with the same types of films or branch out?

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