Can I start this post by just saying I love Samuel L. Jackson? Seriously, he is one of the most talented performers out there. He bounces from project to project, genre to genre, and has been working steadily for years due to his acting chops. He will show a good example of his versatility in his next project where he plans to take on the subject of pirates, real pirates! According to Variety, Jackson will produce and star in a film based on a real life pirate negotiator.

Jackson’s Uppity Films along with Andras Hamori’s H2O Motion Pictures have acquired the life rights of Andrew Mwangura. Mwangura is a man who negotiates between pirates and the owners of hijacked vessels off the coast of Africa. His work is unpaid, and he makes a living as a freelance journalist. According to the film’s producer Hamori, “(Andrew) has the trust of the pirates and the ship owners, and his loyalty is to the kidnapped crews that get caught in the middle of these episodes.”

Sounds like another great dramatic role for Mr. Jackson to sink his teeth into. Currently the actor’s filming Iron Man 2 with director Jon Favreau, where he is portraying Nick Fury. If this pirate story has the right script this could be an acclaimed piece of work for Jackson, which I’m hoping it is.

What do you think of Jackson’s upcoming role as a pirate negotiator?