Sherlock Holmes 6

Over at USA Today they have gotten a hold of some exclusive photos from the upcoming film Sherlock Holmes. Featured in their article is a nice interview from the film’s creative forces and it’s stars.  Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and one of the film’s producers Joel Silver weigh in on the film and what we can expect when it’s released this Christmas. Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic is looking to set itself a part from it’s predecessors, while sticking with the familiar. 

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Recreating a legendary literary character who’s already had several reincarnations on film is a tough job. One might wonder if Ritchie felt any pressure going from his smaller indie films to a big budget period piece with well known stars.

“I didn’t really think of the downside as much as I thought about the upside,” the filmmaker says. “I was a Holmes fan when I was a child. They are the first stories I remember. I also liked the approach the studio was coming at. To me, it was the perfect segue from small independent films to something more ambitious and quintessentially English. So I’ve got my cake and I can eat it.”

In a time where Hollywood has become a huge remaking, reimagining, and rebooting machine it’s no surprise they decided to give this iconic character another go. According to producer Joel Silver there was a specific reason for that.

“The word of the day is ‘branding,’ ” says Hollywood mogul Joel Silver, another of the film’s producers and a force behind the Die Hard and Matrix series. “We are always looking for branded ideas. Audiences are interested in seeing something they know.”

Even though they want to stick to something old, they have added newer elements to freshen up the story. Holmes isn’t a stuffy suit and tie in this film. The filmmakers take things from the book and amp them up to add newer dimensions to the characters. One of the main differences being Holmes’ updated fighting style, which co-star Jude Law explained is vaguely mentioned in the book.

“The physicality, the bare-knuckle fighting, the martial arts are all hinted at in the books,” he says. “We just hold a magnifying glass over them. A word that Conan Doyle uses an awful lot is ‘apprehended.’ As in, ‘Holmes and Watson apprehend the villain.’ We get to show the apprehension.”

That’s a nice spin to put on it. I wouldn’t mind him getting all MMA on a bad guy. If you want to read more from the Sherlock Holmes set visit you can check it out here.

Now for the photos!

So what do you think of Holmes’ hobo-chic and Watson’s librarian look?