Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Do you think you mom is awesome or awful? Sadly, not all moms were created equal, some are awesome and some are dreadful. Leave it to the movies to document the truly saint-like matriarchs, and the mother that literally crawled out of heck to raise you. Hopefully, your mother is leaning towards the good side. In honor of the holiday, we’ve put together the definitive Mom Sweetness Scale. Where does your mother stand with these movie matriarchs? Perhaps the list will make you realize that your mother isn’t all that bad, and you could have it a lot worse. Remember, your mother is human.

Take a look a the lists of the best and worst movie mothers…

Here is the list of the awful movie mothers you really don’t want to have:

Joan Crawford (Mommie Dearest)


Faye Dunaway played the psychotic, alcoholic, workaholic, fame-obsessed, neurotic, neat freak who acquired a daughter (through completely legitimate means, I’m sure). She took away birthday presents, hacked her daughter’s hair, and beat her child with a wire hanger. A seven-year-old girl should know not to keep wire hangers in her closet. Geesh. To top it off, she was uber scary to look at. Oh wait, this was based off of a true story. How much does that suck?

Norman Bates (Psycho)


“A boy’s best friend is his mother.” Well, I don’t know what sort of company you keep, but this woman’s control over her son was so emotionally scaring that, even after her death, Norman took it upon himself to become her. Imagine all the hours of therapy he is going to have to go through to tackle that beast. Think about it, he murders people without cause. What on Earth did she do to the poor guy? I guess the saying “the apple really doesn’t fall from the tree” is true. Talk about not wanting to end up like your parents! Plus, her dead body is hanging out in a rocking chair, that’s just a little weird.

The Other Mother (Coraline)


She definitely gives our sweet moms a run for her money at times, except it comes with a price. Anything you want? Sure. Just gouge out your eyes and sew buttons in their place. Your only friends in your new home will be bags filled with sand and you may have to eat the occasional beetle. Easy, right? I don’t know, but that seems awful. I’d pass on the insects and sandbag friends. One shouldn’t go through various forms of torture to get something from a parent. I guess if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Or just leaves you with tons of emotional baggage. Thanks anyways.

Here is the list of Awesome Movie Moms:

Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)


Watch out! This mother loves her daughter so much that she hacked her way through the Crazy 88 and the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad to prove it! She was willing to forsake her livelihood to raise her daughter properly. Think of all the times she uses the “I almost died for you” line; she could literally guilt trip you into doing anything. Can you imagine bringing your boyfriend home to meet her? At least your boyfriend would never hurt you, because your mother would literally kill him.

Bren MacGuff (Juno)


Ok, so she wasn’t the main character’s actual mother, but Bren proved to be patient and loving, despite the drama of a teenage pregnancy. She is the weird step-mom with all the crazy knick-knacks around the house and a strange obsessions with dogs, but she is well-meaning. Remember when she told that nurse off? And when she yelled at the hospital staff to give Juno the spinal block? She may do embarrassing/rude things every now and then, but Bren is definitely someone you want on your side. I could definitely imagine her baking a giant chocolate cake when your first boyfriend breaks up with you.

Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl (The Incredibles)


Supermom! In addition to the housewife activities, she can fly a jet, beat up bad guys, and is super stretchy! I think everyone would love to have super-stretchy arms; the remote control would never be just out of reach. Her confidence in her children (and their abilities, super and otherwise) is heartwarming, and her dedication to the safety of her family is inspiring! She is caring and nurturing, but isn’t afraid to discipline her children. Plus, she can keep her cool in difficult situations.

The Best Mom Ever…

Marge Simpson


Marge has been through a lot. Despite the repeated antics of both Homer and Bart, Marge has managed to keep cool. She’s tolerant and patient, a provider, a housewife, and is unafraid to defend both her crazy husband and wayward son. She encourages Lisa’s academic pursuits, even though she doesn’t always understand them, and she makes sure to spend enough time with Maggie. Whenever Homer suggests that Marge could do better, she shrugs it off and answers that Homer is, and will always remain, that sweet little boy she fell in love with all those years ago. It doesn’t matter how dysfunctional her family is, she’s with them, through thick and thin. A role model for mothers everywhere!

Plus, she’s had to deal with having her kids the same age for 20 years now. That’s got to be tough!

That wraps up our Best and Worst Movie Moms! Have a great Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to do something special for her!