Sam Rockwell recently discussed his role as Justin Hammer in his new movie, Iron Man 2. Don’t get your hopes up too high, he didn’t give much away about the new sequel; just enough to keep you interested. One thing you may notice is the obvious age difference between the character, Justin Hammer, and Sam Rockwell. Will they put a wig on Rockwell to fix this, or is Hammer going to be tweaked a bit and made younger?

Rockwell hinted towards the latter, stating:

“They wanted to go with a rival for Tony Stark who is closer to his age, and make him American.” Rockwell also mentioned that he will not be fighting or flying, he stated, “My character is the brains, not the brawn.” Rockwell gave one more clue of the happenings from Iron Man 2 set, stating, “There’s a lot of improv.”

I can sort of see the similarity between Rockwell and Hammer. I like Sam Rockwell and I really hope he does a good job in this movie.

What do you think of Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer? What do you think about the changes to the character?