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At the end of Ridley Scott‘s 2000 Oscar-winning film Gladiator, Russell Crowe‘s character, Maximus, kicked the bucket. Or did he?

Apparently, Scott had personally requested that Nick Cave write a sequel script in which Maximus rises from the dead… and travels into the future. And now that script, although it was rejected by producers, has surfaced in its entirety on the Internet. Intrigued? Check out some of the plot points below the jump…

Cave’s film would of course have featured Crowe as the resurrected Maximus, who is reanimated after a meeting with Roman gods in the afterlife. Next, Cave added a dose of sappy scenes that portray the fallen gladiator reuniting with his son, most likely as a last wish before going back to the earthly realm.

This is where the script gets a little strange(er). After his family reunion, Maximus is given the gift of eternal life, and there are numerous scenes showing his struggle for survival through well-known battle like World War II and the Vietnam War. Eventually, Maximus is seen working in the Pentagon during the present day, perhaps in an anti-terrorism unit.

Aside from the Pentagon part, the plot sounds strangely similar to parts of the new Wolverine flick… For those of you that didn’t see it, Wolverine lives forever and fights in all the major wars on Earth, including the ones previously mentioned here. Cave’s script got canned, but maybe the X-Men writers had a peek at the plot points and got some ideas… or maybe not.

At any rate, what we have here is a script without a motion picture to match. YouTube short film anyone? I have to say, if they made this film, I would see it for all the wrong reasons.

The script is apparently circulating somewhere online. If you happen to find it, please let us know more!

Source: NME.com