The final film of the late Oscar winner Heath Ledger, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has had an uphill battle in terms of production and distribution. The fantastical and complex story paired with the unfortunate passing of it’s lead actor posed more than enough problems for director Terry Gilliam. The film was somewhat rescued by Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell when they decided to step in for Ledger in the role of Tony. Even though it’s future is uncertain, the film is still being promoted and will make it’s debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. I’ve scored several production photos from Parnassus that feature co-stars Christopher Plummer and actress Lily Cole.

According to THR, Parnassus has gone from the bottom to the top of the list for some studio executives, and Gilliam and the production company Cinetic Media are trying to sell the film asap! While many foreign distribution rights have already been sold, we are still waiting for an American buyer. A screening was held yesterday for studio heads, and beforehand one exec had this to say regarding it’s chances for domestic distribution.

“If the movie delivers, you’re going to see people willing to open their wallets,” said one exec who planned to attend the screening. “Even with the high price, you can pick up a marketable movie for a lot less than it costs to make it.”

We still have time until we get an answer, but I really hope someone picks this film up. I’m interested to see it not just because it was Ledger’s final role, but the story genuinely sounds interesting. Plus a time traveling carnie, who is portrayed by four talented actors at the last minute is an incredible feat. I would love to see the final product and how Gilliam pulled it all together.

Here are the latest photos from the movie via /Film.

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