Iron Man

Director Jon Favreau is an avid user of the social site, Twitter. He’s been updating like crazy to give Iron Man fans a glimpse into the production of the latest film installment. Within the past few days he’s let us in on some of the hectic activity that’s been happening on set. Over at SuperheroHype they have a complete rundown of all the Iron Man 2 updates the director has given via his personal Twitter account.

Check out the latest on the film after the jump.

May 1: ”Wrecking the joint. Not much left of the set. Broken stuff everywhere. Should look cool on screen.

May 4: ”More suited destruction today. Rigging a big gag with lots of cameras.”

May 4: ”ILM on set today. Doing a mix of practical suits and Imocap, their version of on set motion capture developed originally for Pirates 2.”

May 6: ”Scarlett’s first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You’ve never heard a crew get so quiet so fast.”

Sounds like lots of explosions, special effects, and eye candy all in just a few days. They haven’t been filming that long and it looks like thier getting down to the nitty gritty. As for Johannson in her Black Widow outfit, will it be an exact replica from the comic or will they tone it down for the “real world?” I’m still not sold on her playing the character so my opinion will stay in the air until I see her first photo.

What do you think of the latest Iron Man news?