This news should be filed under, “obvious” because I think we all knew this would happen. Big box office success to studio execs is like throwing raw meat to a lion, blood to a shark, yarn to a cat, you catch my drift. Hugh Jackman had already spoken openly about where he wants to take Wolverine next, and now there has been official confirmation. According to Firstshowing, Jackman will produce and star in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel which will once again be backed by his Seed Production Company.

If you haven’t seen the film(which I doubt) I wouldn’t continue reading because slight spoilers will follow. After the credits in Wolverine one of the Easter egg scenes include Wolverine at an Asian bar drinking to “remember” the memories that he’d lost. Hence the opening that the sequel will focus on his Japanese samurai storyline. This is the comic book arc where Wolvie mastered the martial arts while training over seas. These fighting skills which I never saw in the previous X-Men trilogy, but whatever.

I honestly don’t want a Wolverine sequel. I feel as if the X-Men movies are going down a slippery slope. I think the reason Wolverine opened so big is because everyone thought it would be redemption for X3. Instead it turned out to be it’s successor in the horrible script department. Now we have to wait another few years to see if they can rectify the wrong they’ve done. I’ve been burned twice by this franchise, one more strike and I’m out.

Would you go see Wolverine 2? What should they change the next time around?