And we have our winners! We asked you to tell us the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen that scared you. Some of you took this a little more seriously than others.

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  • obscura: during one of those half awake/half asleep states in the middle of the night where your body is paralyzed i was awakened by a bright flash of light in the corner of my bedroom window… when i opened my eyes i saw the faint silhouette of a man peering through the glass. terrified, i attempted to jump out of bed, but my limbs would not move and after some time my eyes again closed. when i woke up the next morning i was horrified by potentially having been visited by a prowler (the bright flash being a flashlight) but believed that it may have all been a nightmare. when i turned on the television later that day, one of the breaking stories was about about a rapist being at large in my neighborhood, gaining entry into houses by…. breaking in through bedroom windows.
  • Bruno Priani: Creed reunion! That scared the crap out of me!
  • loquaciousmuse: Okay, this is super creepy and scary…. When I was 12 I was watching TV and it got interrupted for a news report of this guy on the freeway in LA caught in a high speed chase. They picked up just as he was pulling over and getting out of the car. But instead of letting himself get arrested, as the cameraman suspected so he zoomed in real tight on the dude, he put a gun to his head and SHOT HIMSELF. So there I was, 12 years old, just saw this guy shoot himself in the head on TV. I burst into tears and couldn’t deal with myself for a good couple days.

Obscura, that truly freaks me out! And I think Loquaciousmuse, you might want to talk to someone about that. Bruno, I feel your pain!

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