Gulliver's Travels First Set Pictures

Look over there! /Film has just put together a little bundle of set photos from Gulliver’s Travels, which reveal some new casting information for the film.

Catherine Tate who was rumored to be playing the Queen of Lilliput apparently got the role because she’s on set running around in a huge dress. Unless she just liked hanging around sets in full wardrobe, which would be a bit odd. James Corden and Billy Connolly also show up in some of the pictures, which again was a surprise for me. Who knew they were in the film?

I think that is Emily Blunt behind the tree in the photo above, but I’m not sure. Can you tell? Jack Black didn’t appear to be shooting anything, although if you look very closely you will see that he was wondering around the set in the photos below. Jason Segel (who we know is in the film) doesn’t seem to be making an appearance in any of the pictures, unless he’s hiding out somewhere I’m not seeing.

Check out the photo gallery below. Maybe you can find Segel…

The film is currently being shot in Oxford, at Blenheim Palace and as you can see, they’ve definitely gone all our with the costumes and sets.

What do you think of the costumes? Did you spot anyone else that I didn’t?

Photos are thanks to: Clare O on photobucket, The Daily Mail, England On The Hoof blog, The Oxford Mail