Whenever you hear that Guillermo del Toro is involved in some kind of creepy horror film, get excited. Rumors are circulating that del Toro is talking with Universal about producing and mentoring Andres Muschietti, a new director who has been getting attention for his amazing short film Mama. The film made it’s way through European Film festivals last year and impressed a number of people, including del Toro.

The short Spanish-language film, Mama, is a ghost story about two girls whose mother has “come back” from who knows where. The 3 minute film appears to have been done in one single shot, although it’s hard to tell whether or not they made some seamless cuts during some of the darker segments.

Check out the film below thanks to JoBlo, it’s truly amazing…

Muschietti is currently working on an English-language screenplay with his sister and producer Barbra, and apparently del Toro is looking to give them a hand getting their work discovered. It’s really not surprising. This clip is better than what a number of mainstream horror director n caproduce.

I love the fact that del Toro is using his weight in Hollywood (no pun intended) to help young talented directors. It really goes to show how much he loves the art.

What do you think of Del Toro’s decision to support Muschietti? Do you think he’s worth it?