Later this year a horror thriller named Peacock will enter your local cinema. If the title makes you think of Alfred Hitchcock it should. The film literally borrows about 80 percent of the plot from Psycho with little variation. Peacock stars Cillian Murphy as it’s lead, and Josh Lucas as his best friend. Lucas recently spoke to MTV about the film and it’s Psycho connection saying,  “['Peacock' is] what would happen if Bates had basically stayed alive and married himself.” 

More on the film after the jump.

Peacock takes place in Nebraska where a bank teller named John (Murphy) suffers from multiple personalities. He is unaware that he is harboring two entities, which includes one male and the other female. Once his secret is uncovered he tries to convince the town’s people that the two personalities are not only separate identities, but a married couple. Lucas’ character will witness John’s internal struggle first hand.

“For me it’s fascinating because I have interactions with him as both the female version of himself and the male version of himself,” said Lucas. “I don’t realize he’s two different people. And he has no memory of it being two different people. If ever I’ve done a movie that is close to Hitchcock, this is it.”

Peacock also co-stars Ellen Page, Susan Sarandon, and Bill Pullman in supporting roles. This film is overtly Hitchcock and there’s no way around it. Yet, I do like the fact that they expand on the “Norman Bates” character after his identities are discovered. Plus, who else can play a man and a woman so effortlessly besides Cillian Murphy? Have you seen that guy’s cheekbones?

What do you think of the plot for Peacock? Is it another lame rip off or does it have a different angle?