It’s time for more Japanese manga to be adapted to the big screen. For some odd reason anime and manga scripts have been getting picked up left and right by some pretty big studios. According to Variety, we can confirm that one of the names on that list is Warner Brothers. They recently picked up the film rights to the popular manga entitled Death Note, and are looking to make it into a live action feature.

Death Note is a manga series about a college student who finds a mysterious note that gives him the power to dictate any person’s death by writing their name on the paper while envisioning them in his mind.  The film will be based on the first three installments of the 13 volume series, which is one of Japan’s best sellers. Warner Brothers Japan has previously produced three Japanese language Death Note films, but the English version won’t be connected to those.

I’m assuming manga (I really like saying that) will be the new way to go once studios overly saturate theaters with comic book films. I feel as if the story for Death Note is interesting, it just depends on the script. Surprisingly, this isn’t as outlandish as some other comic/manga/anime adaptations I’ve seen. The whole concept of a piece of paper that can control death doesn’t seem that over the top.

Does anyone remember the “loom” from Wanted?

Do you think Death Note can be turned into a legitimate live action feature? Can Warner Bros make the story work?