Underworld co-creator Kevin Grevioux (above) will be making his directorial debut with the live action adaptation of The Pale Horsemen. According to Variety, Grevioux will direct and write the script for the film based on the graphic novel, which is published through his DarkStorm Studios. It only makes sense that Grevioux is making the jump to director, since he has been involved with all aspects of the filmmaking process for years. He wrote the screenplay for the first installment of Underworld back in 2003, and also appeared in the series as the character Raze.

The Pale Horsemen is about a group of hitmen who must band together to avenge the death of their mentor. The film will be financed and distributed through NEHST Studios, which is owned by Larry Meistrich. Grevioux’s own DarkStorm banner will also co-produce the film.

I like the fact that Grevioux is making the transition from performer, to writer, and now director. I’m always down for a good assassin movie, but the quality of the screenplay is my main concern. His part in the production of Underworld puts him on shaky ground with me. I hated that movie. It was so overrated, and it didn’t deserve to spawn two sequels. The idea of vampires and werewolves in an urban, Gothic setting is cinematic gold, so what happened there? 

Do you think Grevioux can pull of something better than Underworld with The Pale Horsemen?