Music video turned feature film director Marcus Nispel is the man behind the remakes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the record breaking hit, Friday the 13th. The director has already chosen his next project, and he’s once again revamping some established material. Within the lineage of iconic horror characters, Nispel has decided to take on Dracula. According to Rope of Silicon he will direct The Last Voyage of Demeter which will be distributed by Phoenix Pictures.

Demeter won’t be a complete retelling of the Dracula story, just a small yet significant part. The script is based on one chapter from the famed novel ”Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” and is written by screenwriter Bragi Schut Jr. It centers on the journey of Dracula from Bulgaria to England via a cargo ship. The narrative will follow the captain’s log throughout the voyage, but will become more vague and erratic as time progresses. The ship eventually crashes into some rocks at Whitby, and is found with a missing crew and a dead captain strapped to it’s steering wheel.

At least this isn’t a complete Dracula remake. If horror’s his niche, then he should continue to work within the genre but can we get something original from this guy? Maybe Demeter is his first step in the right direction? He only covers a chapter here, so perhaps his next film will be completely original? It probably won’t , but it’s good to dream.

What do you think of Nispel putting his stamp on Dracula?