It’s almost here! Tomorrow will be the first Saturday in May, and for comic book fans that only means one thing, it’s Free Comic Book Day!! That’s right, for the past seven years comic book stores all over the country small and large have been participating in this annual celebration. Free Comic Book Day is a full on event, where 40 comics will be up for grabs. Of course availability will vary by store, but you can check out what’s being given away this year by visiting the official website.

Check out a video of Hugh Jackman promoting tomorrow’s event after the jump.

Did you notice the amazing PSA/Wolverine promotion he did there? Even though Free Comic Book Day is a great way to treat fans, publishers and stores are still profiting in some way. The whole reason the day was created was to get people into stores to meet vendors, and expose them to various books. If you need help finding the comic store near you, most publishers have a locator on their websites. For example, if you visit the site of  Marvel or DC they have a store locator on the bottom of their main page. You can also get info from the Free Comic Book Day website.

So check out the comic books before they become a film tomorrow!

Will you go out and grab a free comic tomorrow? What books are you hoping to find?