Wolverine 2

In many ways this review is the exact opposite of my Star Trek review. I really wanted to like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When I walked out the theater, I liked the film, but as time went on, I kept finding more problems with it.

I like the X-Men series, the earlier films were (for the most part) were entertaining, and the character of Wolverine has a lot potential. I understood why that they want to show the origin of Wolverine and a more humane side of the character. BUT, in trying to show us his human side, they manage to completely destroy what we all loved about Wolverine and turned him into a weakling.

There were signs of the pussification of Wolverine leading up to the movie. When he showed up in the “Got Milk” ad I knew something was off. The reason we love Wolverine is because he’s a bad-ass who does the right things. Even when showing his softer side, he’s still a lumberjack who was a coldblooded killer, we need to see that edge to find him interesting. All he does is threaten people but never follows through. Every single time something comes up he has to ask “why?” Stop asking questions, start kicking some ass already!

Hugh Jackman has already proved to us that he has the chops to pull off the role, so in my mind there is nothing but the script (by David Benioff and Skip Woods) and the Director (Gavin Hood) to blame. This script had to have been one of the victim’s of the writers strike. It looks like it never made it to a final revision. It felt like they were moving from cameo to cameo without any real substance the entire time. Everything was just a plot device to get the the next character that they had teased us with, but nothing really mattered.

It’s obvious why everyone is talking about a Deadpool spin-off, he’s the only interesting character in the film. Deadpool is what Wolverine was in the other X-Men films, he was the wild-card (sorry Gambit, that should have been your line) that no one could control. Ryan Reynolds stole the show. He didn’t have that many scenes, but when he was on screen, he was witty, threatening, and completely intriguing. Everything needed in a great leading man.

It’s a shame Jackman didn’t have the chance to really strut his stuff in this film, because I think he really could have cared this film well is given the chance. Sadly, Wolverine had more depth in the other X-Men films than he did in this one.

The supporting cast did do a great job with what they had to work with, but there’s only so much a performance can cover up a bad plot. Liev Schreiber did a phenomenal job as Sabretooth, but it was never really clear what was driving his character. Taylor Kitsch, was fun as Gambit, but I still have no clue why he started a fight with Wolverine in the alley aside for an excuse to start another fight sequence, and then immediately after sides with him. It makes no sense to me. Kevin Durand, Dominic Monaghan, Daniel Henney, and Lynn Collins, and all put in solid performances. Will i Am did feel a bit awakward one screen, but overall he did a fine job.

Then we get to the special effects. They’re just not as good as they should be (although illegal downloaders you’re still missing a lot!). When comparing it to other films in it’s genre, it just doesn’t match up. (***SPOILER ALERT. The spoiler is written in white so if you want to read it, just highlight it, otherwise keep reading***) And what the hell were they doing with a CG Patrick Stewart? If you can’t get the real thing, either just use his voice, or cover his face or something. There is no point in a cameo if the person is not willing to make a cameo!

Overall, this isn’t a bad movie, it’s just not a great movie. It will entertain you and it is worth seeing if you’re a fan of the series. Just don’t get your hopes too high.

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