You may want to read this article and watch this clip before you eat today. It’s the opening three minutes of the upcoming documentary Food Inc. Now before I lose you! What I can tell you is that, this is not just another health-food junkie movie telling you that all food is bad. It’s different from other movies in it’s genre because it focuses on the food and meat industry, but not from the usual PETA shock video standpoint. It actually made a valid argument to not eat meat, and if you do eat meat, why not to get it from the supermarket.
The film talks about a variety of issues with the supermarket industry, not just one particular problem. It proved why people need to be aware of what they are actually consuming, and to ultimately reevaluate it.
Although the film was it’s horrifying, moments, it’s actually very well presented and relies on facts not opinions.

Check out the first three and half minutes of the film below just to give you a little taste for what’s to come…

The film opens in theaters on June 12.

Are you willing to face your food fears and see the film?