We give you the first official photo from Iron Man 2 thanks to USA Today. As many of you recall, Stark outed himself as a superhero at the end of Iron Man. He just couldn’t keep a secret that cool to himself. The new film picks up six months after Stark’s announcement, which means that he’s now dealing with the consequences of his actions.

Check out the photo below of Robert Downey Jr. in his lab and what Director Jon Favreau has to say about jumping into his second Iron Man film below…


Favreau talked to USA Today about how he approached some of the issues that would have come up from Stark’s actions.

“How many superheroes are open about their true identities?” Favreau asks. “We wanted to play with that idea. But it obviously has consequences — in his relationships, on the team. There are a lot of areas we can explore.”

As for the pressure to follow up his first film with something just as good if not better, Favreau is definitely feeling it. He says:

“I really enjoyed when we were a dark horse and no one knew much about us. … I hope we can find that place again.”

Although Favreau did follow through on his promise to post the photo and answer some questions, he wasn’t about to release any details about the rest of the film… at least not yet. We still have a ways to go, so I’m sure we’ll find out more soon!

As for the photo itself, I love the background where you can see the progression of the Iron Man suits and his computer screens are bad ass. It does look like he’s hung up his suit from the last film and is now upgrading. Stocking up perhaps?

I want to know what is in the brown box in the front of the screen, I can’t imagine in a shot full of hi-tech gadgets an old brown box is just lying around for no reason. Any guesses?