If you thought Live Free Die Hard was the swan song for veteran action star Bruce Willis you were wrong. Willis, who just turned 54 is in the midst of finalizing deals to star in three more action centered projects. According to THR, the films in question are entitled Red, Scarpa, and Inventory. Red is a CIA based story, Scarpa is a mob biopic, and Inventory is thriller.

In Red, Willis will star as a retired black ops agent who must return to what he does best when a high tech assassin threatens him and his girlfriend. The screenplay will be written by Erich and Jon Hoeber, which is based on the  WildStorm/DC Comic. Summit Entertainment has put out an offer for the film, which was counter-offered by Willis’ people.

As for the mob biopic Scarpa, the actor will be directed by Antoine Fuqua who helmed the drama Tears of the Sun. Willis will star as Greg Scarpa, a man who lived a double life as a gangster and an FBI informant. The film will span three decades, starting in the 1960’s, and ending in the 1990’s with Scarpa’s untimely death.  Willis’ is currently still in negotiations to star in Inventory, but if everything works out he will star as a detective put on trial for murder.

Do you see what Sylvester Stallone has started? I specifically remember after Rocky Balboa came out seeing Willis, Stallone, and Schwartzenegger hanging out on the red carpert together. Stallone must have stirred up some memories because a year later Live Free or Die Hard came out. Hmmm. I won’t say I’m against Willis sticking with the action genre, because there are a lot of actor’s who’ve stayed on board after 50.  As long as your still in shape, and can keep up with the pace I don’t have a problem with it.

Are you interested in seeing Bruce Willis take on more action roles?

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