The 3-D film Battle for Terra takes place in the distant future on the alien inhabited planet of the same name. It’s a peaceful world where gravity doesn’t exist, and it’s occupants float from place to place. On the surface it seems as if it’s citizens have no knowledge of war or suffering, just harmony and equality. When a human space colony which includes the last existing members of mankind attack Terra in an attempt to colonize the planet, the true nature of the Terrians is revealed. A full on battle for Terra’s land and resources erupts with the future of both sides hanging in the balance.

The film features the voice talent of Evan Rachel Wood as Mala and Luke Wilson as Jim. Mala is a native of Terra who’s father is taken when the planet is raided by the human invaders. While attempting a rescue effort to save her father she stumbles upon an injured human named Jim. Hoping that he can help her get into the colony, Mala nurses him back to health and the two form a special friendship. This puts Jim in an uncomfortable position as he is torn between his promise to help Mala and his loyalty to the humans.

Battle for Terra is a film that starts off with beautiful images which make you feel like you’re in for a treat, but unfortunately beyond that it doesn’t deliver. The film is rated PG, yet I don’t think it has the necessary elements to entertain children. Even as an adult I found myself having a hard time caring about the characters. The character design wasn’t appealing and the dialogue was quite dull. There are also underlying themes that I felt were a too heavy for children and not interesting for adults. The idea of self sacrifice and destruction appear several times in the film, and I think it may go over the head of younger viewers.

If you’re a parent and looking for something to entertain your child, I would skip Battle for Terra. The film has the potential to be something great, but the script doesn’t do it justice. 

Battle for Terra was directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas, and co-stars Brian Cox, David Cross, James Garner, Justin Long, Chris Evans, Danny Glover, and Amanda Peet.

Battle for Terra opens in theaters on May 1.

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