Someone is going after the Mona Lisa, and it’s Roger Donaldson! If that name doesn’t ring a bell, Donaldson is the director who brought you such films as The Bank Job, The Recruit, No Way Out, and oddly enough Cocktail. According to RopeofSilicon, the director is looking to adapt the Seymour Reit book “The Day They Stole the Mona Lisa,” to turn into a feature film.

The film will take place in 1911 when the famed painting was stolen from it’s home in the Louvre. It was missing for more than two years before it was found in the hands of an Italian carpenter by the name of Vincent Perugia in Florence. The film will focus on the man who engineered the theft, and kept officials off his tail during that time frame. (Sound familiar? Thomas Crown Affair anyone?)

It turns out that Perugia actually worked at the Louvre and decided that the Mona Lisa should be displayed in an Italian museum. He doesn’t sound like a hardened criminal mastermind to me. It seems as if he just wanted the painting to lay in the native country of it’s creator, Leonardo da Vinci. This isn’t exactly the freshest idea for a theft story. How many movies can we make about art being stolen, without it being redundant?

Are you interested in seeing a film about stolen art… again?