Well, just hours before they were about to “premiere” the third trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, someone got their hands on it. My suggestion, is that if you actually care about this movie, don’t watch the bootleg trailer below. It’s not very good. The cameraman is sitting at a bad angle, the audio is not very good, and it’s hard to see what I’m sure would be really cool moments on a proper screen.

But, if you’re like me and are willing to spoil your appetite check it out below…

What do you think? I’ll be checking real trailer on the big screening tonight. Here are all the times in the 20 different cities it will be appearing in…

Full list of cities/theaters after the jump.

  • Los Angeles: 7pm at The Bridge Cinema De Lux, in IMAX
  • New York: 8pm at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in IMAX
  • San Francisco: 7pm at AMC Metreon in IMAX
  • Chicago: 8pm at Navy Pier in IMAX
  • Toronto: 7pm at Scotiabank in IMAX
  • Philadelphia: 7pm at UA King of Prussia in DIGITAL
  • Washington DC: 7pm at AMC Georgetown in DIGITAL
  • Dallas: 7pm at Studio Movie Grill Royal Lane in 35MM (UPDATED)
  • Boston: 7pm at AMC Boston Common in 35MM
  • Phoenix: 7pm at Harkins Tempe Marketplace in Tempe in DIGITAL
  • Seattle: 7pm at Cinerama in 35MM
  • Atlanta: 7pm at Regal Atlantic Station in 35MM
  • Miami: 7pm at AMC Sunset in South Miami in 35MM
  • Detroit: 7pm ar Emagine Novi in Novi, MI in DIGITAL
  • San Diego: 7pm at Regal Edwards Mira Mesa in 35MM
  • Denver: 7pm at UA Colorado Center in 35MM
  • Sacramento: 7pm at UA Market Square in 35MM
  • Orlando: 7pm at Premiere Fashion Sq Mall in DIGITAL
  • Minneapolis: 7pm at AMC Southdale in Edina in 35MM
  • Baltimore: 7pm at AMC White Marsh in 35MM

Find out from your local theater how to RSVP for tickets ASAP!

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