termartss09-4-28Concept art is where it all begins. It’s always cool to see what initial ideas looked like versus what the final product is. Titan Books has released a book called “The Art of Terminator Salvation,” today (April 28th). Titan Books had recently released The Watchmen concept art book, and that one is really insightful. So you can stroll into a book store and get a glimpse of the process of movie making, or order it here.

The images below are some digital concepts of the “Moto-Terminator.” Two of these, use the iconography of the already existing Terminator design. It’s basically a Terminator bot riding a motorcycle, which is terrifying and all, but I think the third concept that features just the bike is the strongest. You don’t want to over do it with the skulls and skeletons. Plus, a smart motorcycle that’s out to kill you of it’s own accord is totally scarier and more interesting.

These pictures are awesome though, and makes me want to see the final product all the more. Check the out below…

What do you think of the images?