Sequels and remakes have been ridiculously hot these past few years, and they don’t seem to show any signs of stopping. According to THR, Oliver Stone’s gritty financial drama Wall Street must have another story to tell, because part two is on it’s way. Stone has officially signed on to direct a sequel to the 1987 film with studio 20th Century Fox. The plot to the film is being kept under wraps, and for the time being the project has been given the title of Wall Street 2.

The cast of the original Wall Street was led by Michael Douglas who captured a Best Actor Oscar for his role as the film’s morally challenged lead, Gordon Gekko. He was supported by a young Charlie Sheen in the role of an upstart trying to make his mark in a financial company. This time around Douglas is expected to make a return as his landmark character, and his new protege could be played by Shia Labeouf. Sources say the Transformers actor is in talks with the studio to star in the younger role.

Allen Loeb will re-write the initial screenplay for the film, which will be produced by Ed Pressman who also produced the original. So we have the same director, same producer, and same lead actor returning for a sequel over 20 years in the making. Is this going to be the suit and tie version of Fast & Furious? Different model, original parts? I’m surprised Douglas signed on for this, but then again his most recent project is the romantic comedy Ghost of Girlfriends Past, so maybe he needs this.

Do you think they should make a sequel to Wall Street? Can Shia Labeouf hold his own against Michael Douglas?