Do you remember the early 1990′s comedy Drop Dead Fred? It starred former eighties darling (and Kevin Kline’s wife), Phoebe Cates as a woman who loses her job and is forced to move back home. While there she is encountered by her childhood friend “Drop Dead Fred,” a playmate who happens to be a figment of her imagination. The film was commercially and critically panned, so I was completed thrown by the fact that it’s being remade! According to THR, Fred will be revamped as a star vehicle for comedian Russell Brand.

The new Drop Dead Fred will be produced by PolyGram and Working Title. Screenwriter Dennis McNicholas who co-wrote the script for the upcoming Land of the Lost remake will also pen this one. In an interesting twist, the creators want the film to have a look similar to Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. That’s a hard act to follow. Director Tom Brady is no Tim Burton. Brand will star as the trouble making imaginary friend of the young woman who has yet to be cast. The original Fred was played by another British comedian, Rik Mayall.

I personally hated this movie when I saw it as a kid. I found the main character annoying, and I didn’t want anything to do with him. If that was my thinking as an 7 year old, I’m sure as an adult I’ll despise it even more.

Did any of you see the original Drop Dead Fred? Do you think it should be remade?