leonard-nimoyss09-4-28Michael Bay‘s newest blockbuster, Transformer: Rise of the Fallen, is sure to sell tickets at the box office. But how many more people would go to see it if Leonard Nimoy voiced “the Fallen”? A bunch more. Enough to fill a convention with. So what’s keeping this from happening? It doesn’t make any sense that it hasn’t already. Bay is a cousin of Nimoy’s, but he still hasn’t been able to ask him.

Here’s the run down…

Bay stated in an interview with MTV that the voice actors don’t get paid very much. So, not wanting to disrespect the man, Bay has not officially asked Nimoy for the favor. Instead, they have been contacting each other via Bay’s mother. What the fuck? How old are they again?

Nimoy has, however, expressed interest in the role, more than once. In an interview with The Latino Review, when approached with the question about voicing in the Transformers sequel, Mr. Nimoy looked directly into the camera and told Michael Bay to call him. I mean, how much clearer could he be. Nimoy obviously wants to be a part of this movie (he did, after all, voice in the first original animated Transformers).

This whole situation will most likely get resolved soon, but it kind of makes you wonder why Bay is afraid of asking a guy that he probably sees at every family get together, for a simple favor. It seems that he either just doesn’t want Spock in the movie or that he is just, within the deep recesses of his soul, terrified of Nimoy. It could only help the success of the movie so what’s going on?

Source: Screen Rant

Why do you think Michael Bay is stalling?

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