***Update: Hey everyone! We had a mistake in the post. We were supposed to have three winners but only announced one! Oops! We have two new names added to the list! Check them out below…”

We have our winner of Marvel X-Men Volumes 1 and 2! We asked for your desired special mutant power, and we got a number of varied responses, but I gotta say: one definitely stood out to us.

Did we pick you? Find out…

CONGRATULATIONS TO S.P.! You’ve got quite an imagination, and we definitely appreciate that!

  • S.P.: Yes! This is fantastic. Best cartoon ever. My friends and I talk about having unconventional superpowers, and the one we want is the ability to pass off the need to use the restroom to another person just by touching them. Beat that Screencravers!
  • Ariel: Hmm… I would have to take a page from Rogue and want the ability to absorb powers so I could have all of these cool powers described here. : )
  • Captain Sexy: I think that if I were to have any kind of super power it would have to be the ability to snap my fingers, think of an outfit that I would like to have on, and have it magically appear on my body. Staying trendy isn’t easy nor is it cheap, and this way I could dress however I want whenever I want. It would be neat to have a different sexy outfit on every day. One can dream, right?

Man, imagine the havoc (and various faux-pas) you could cause with powers like that! We’ll be contacting you shortly, so please reply with a shipping address and we’ll get these DVDs out to you ASAP!

Thanks for all the great responses, guys! For the rest of you, Marvel X-Men 1 and 2 are out on DVD today, so go get yourse;ves a copy.

Don’t worry, there will be plenty more giveaways in the future, so keep checking back!