Like most Batman fans I’ve been yearning for more of Gotham’s favorite anti-hero after last summer’s The Dark Knight. Director Christopher Nolan has kept any info regarding the next installment of the comic series away from all eyes and ears. Of course that hasn’t stopped rumors from running wild regarding possible villains and casting for the third film. Batman’s portrayer Christian Bale recently spoke about the next film in the franchise, and whether or not he or Nolan will return for another round.

According to Latino Review, Christian Bale gave some much needed clarification when he made a statement regarding his return as the “caped crusader.”

The actor stated, ”Will we do a third movie? It’s got to be the right story,” said Bale. “You can’t make something like The Dark Knight and then come out with something disappointing.”

After reading that statement I thought to myself, sure you want to wait until the script is right but you’ve got a contract buddy. He signed on for a 3 picture deal so whether he agrees with the story, or not he’s kind of in a bind. A predicament the actor openly acknowledged.

I would like it if people say, ‘You’ll never make a good third movie.’ I say, ‘OK, let’s make a third movie in that case, let’s prove them wrong.’ But that’s just me. The fact is, I have to! I’ve signed up! Chris doesn’t. So I’m in a bit of a fix if he says he doesn’t want to!”

I agree with him on the fact that third movies are hard to make, especially if your following something on the level of TDK. The film received so much Oscar buzz, and actually won one for Best Supporting Actor. Even though fans wanted a Best Picture, or Director nod Bale recognizes the politics the surround awards.

“I’m not surprised by The Dark Knight not getting more Oscars,” he said. “I’m not really surprised by anything to do with awards. Hey listen, awards or not it’s a wonderful movie. Chris Nolan did such a fantastic job of it and you look back at the history of the Oscars – some of the best movies never got shit.”

I totally agree. I stopped being 100% invested in the Oscars when I was 13 and Shakespeare in Love won over Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture. That’s right, I’ll never let that go. As for Bale, until Batman’s future is more concrete you can see him in next month’s Terminator Salvation starring as another iconic character, John Connor.

Do you think Nolan can top The Dark Knight? What story should they pick for the third film?