“So, a friend of mind dragged me to see Obsessed this weekend.” That was the opening line I was fed this morning while at work. As I sat at my desk a male co-worker vented about the experience he had when he saw the Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba stalker flick Obsessed. The film debuted at number one for the weekend of April 24 and raked in a healthy 28 million dollars. It outperformed studio estimates, which had the film pegged to debut in the mid-teen range. So what happened here? How did Obsessed become the little engine that could? Was it the actors, was it the story, or was there just nothing else to see?

It’s only fair that I start this discussion with the truth. I have not seen Obsessed. I hadn’t read any reviews on the film, because I don’t believe they offered advance screenings for the press. I only had the actors and the trailer to go off of and neither enticed me enough to want to spend my money. The film is about a married man (Elba) who has caught the attention of a temp worker (Ali Larter) at his office. His wife (Knowles) is the one thing standing in the way of the temp(tress) and she has to be dealt with by any means necessary.

With these three actors alone I can honestly say I only find one of them reputable and that’s Elba. Yes, I was a fan of his work on HBO’s The Wire, but that’s not the reason he stands out. Elba is a British actor who completely submerges himself in the characters he plays. With that being said, Beyonce is still a work in progress. I think she is a talented musician, but as an actress she stays on one note. No matter the film, genre, or character her delivery is always the same. Ali Larter for some odd reason is always playing someone crazy, selfish, and up to no good. She’s needs a new angle. 

Obsessed looks like the same fatal attraction story that gets rehashed every few years with a different cast and a smaller budget. So what made it number one? My male co-worker told me that when he saw the film he was one of five guys in the entire theater. He stated that he was pretty sure they were all dragged there by girlfriends like he was. This may be true, but that only makes up so many tickets. Beyonce does have a huge female following. Her success as a musician has made her a young icon in the eyes of women everywhere. I’m pretty sure there were a lot of single ladies (no pun intended) who went in groups to see their favorite artist kick some crazy girl’s ass. 

What about the other options out there? This weekend there were three other films opening in wide release, The Soloist, Fighting, and Earth. You had your choice of heart tugging drama, bare knuckle action, or informative yet stunning visuals. But rather than see any of these viewers opted for a psychotic thriller that climaxes with an aggressive girl fight. I still don’t get it. I wont be rushing to theaters anytime soon to catch a glimpse of Obsessed, because it just doesn’t grab my attention. So, what made it grab yours?

Did you go see Obsessed this weekend? Why did you attend? Why do you think it came in a number one?