Here are some of the top news stories from this Obsessed winning weekend….

  • A few photos from Peter Jackson’s upcoming drama The Lovely Bones have appeared online via a fan site of star Saoirse Ronan (above). They feature Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon, and Stanley Tucci. [Access Saoirse]
  • Ben Affleck will be joined by Maria Bello and Craig T. Nelson in the independent drama, The Company Men. [Variety]
  • The much talked about stripper flick Powder Blue starring Jessica Biel and Ray Liotta won’t be hitting theaters anytime soon. The film is scheduled to go straight DVD in June. [NYPost]
  • The 1983 David Cronenberg film Videodrome is getting remade. Ehren Kruger will pen the script, as well as co-produce with his partner Daniel Bobker. [Variety]
  • The trailer for the Zoe Saldana film The Skeptic has been released, and can I just say it looks really bad. It’s a horror-thriller that co-stars Tim Daly and Tom Arnold, an odd combo that should speak volumes about the film’s quality.