Just saw this wonderful new trailer on /Film for second time film Director Max Mayer’s upcoming film Adam, starring Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne. The film premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival and received amazing reviews from critics. The story is about a lonely, autistic man, Adam (Dancy) who develops a relationship with his interesting neighbor Beth (Byrne).

Check out the trailer below…

Synopsis: Soon after moving in, Beth, a brainy, beautiful writer damaged from a past relationship encounters Adam, the handsome, but odd, fellow with autism in the downstairs apartment whose awkwardness is perplexing. Beth and Adam’s ultimate connection leads to a tricky relationship that exemplifies something universal: truly reaching another person means bravely stretching into uncomfortable territory and the resulting shake-up can be liberating.

Adam hits theaters on July 29th 2009.

What do you think?