Wolverine Press Conference

We’ll have the X-Men Origins: Wolverine press conference up for you soon, with Director Gavin Hood, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Will.i.iam, Lynn Collins, and Taylor Kitsch, but until then check out some of the photos of the set pieces they had set up at the conference.

Most of the time we’re lucky to get a poster of the film, but this time they went all out. They had the tank that Wolverine was submerged in to be infused with Adamantium so that he can become indestructible sitting behind the actors as they were interviewed and a number of other set pieces from the Project Mutant X lab lead by Stryker hanging around.

Check them out below…

This was the actual tank and Hugh Jackman was submerged in during the scene in the film. I was amazed a how “set like” everything looked. In the film this looked like a solid tank built out of pure steal, but in person it looked like a shiny toy you might see on a playground. Really goes to show how a good Director of Photography and lighting team can make anything look good.

What do you think? Do the pictures make it look real?