Avatar Film Set

Just spotted some new amazing Avatar photos on MarketSaw from Empire Magazine.

We’ve got (in this order) James Cameron working on the Fusion 3D Camera System, Cameron messing with the volume (it’s a problem for everyone, big and small!), an actor surrounded by dozens of cameras (can’t wait to see that shot!, the sets and props of of Avatar), an actor in full military costume, and lastly the futuristic, curvy, computer screens (sweet!).

Check out the photos and some highlights from their interview with Cameron below…

These aren’t the best quality photos because they’re were scanned by some (lovely) person in the UK from the actual magazine. I’m sure we’ll be able to update them with higher quality photos soon, but until then…

The new look as you can see is very realistic futuristic approach the the animation. As he says, “We’ve eliminated the animation from animation… With the capture technologies we developed, the actor can be any character they can imagine and the director can create any world, any time and any space.”

Apparently the set is fun for all ages: “I invited [Spielberg and Jackson] over while shooting AVATAR. I put the camera in their hands and they basically became two kids – on the inside every filmmaker is really just a complete geek. The amazing thing for me was just watching that seminal moment. They were running around the stage, working the camera, and that’s the moment when they both kind of looked at each other in the eye and said, ‘Let’s make TINTIN.’”

What do you think of the photos?

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