Enter the Void

Some of you may have noticed on the 62nd Cannes Film Festivals official selection that we posted, newish French filmmaker Gaspar Noé’s, Enter the Void on the list. Noe’s prior two films I Stand Alone and Irréversible both premiered at Cannes, one in 1998 and another in 2002. FirstShowing just posted some pictures that they found on SoudainleVide.com from the film. Noé is known for his imagination and intrigue, this film looks to to be no different.

From the photos, this film looks almost like a mix between Lost in Translation with Trainspotting, due to the use of hallucinations, bright colors, and city-scape.

Check them out for yourself and learn more about the film below…

Enter the Void stars newcomer Nathaniel Brown as Oscar and Paz de la Huerta as his sister Linda. Now living in Tokyo, Oscar sells drugs to survive while Linda works as a stripper. Oscar is set-up and betrayed by his friend and fatally shot in a police raid. His spirit, faithful to the promise made with his sister to protect no matter what, struggles to leave the real world. Through the last moments of his life we see him leave his body and oversee everything happening simultaneously in the lives of his sister Linda and his friends. Past, present and future mix in a hallucinatory maelstrom that becomes increasingly chaotic and nightmarish.

Sounds like a trip! Hopefully it will do well in Cannes and make it over seas!

What do you think of the film? Do you think it looks interesting?

To see more photos go to FirstShowing.net