Well isn’t this a nice surprise? There were rumors that suggested frequent Christopher Nolan collaborator, Michael Caine might star in his top secret film Inception. No official press release or character list featured the actor so we all assumed it was a bunch of hot air. We just got word that Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the cast, and now perhaps Caine will follow? According to Firstshowing, the actor has confirmed himself as a co-star in the sci-fi feature.

See what Caine had to say about his role after the jump.

According to Caine he has “a little part” in Inception.

“Chris and I are very good friends so I’ll do that little part. I think I’ll work about three days. It’ll be extraordinary, wait until you see this one. I think if I say another word he’s going to kill me!”

Why does Nolan always have death threats surrounding his cast? I guess when he says it’s top secret he means it! Caine starred in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Prestige which were Nolan’s last three films. These two are creating quite the partnership. Maybe I should go back and re-watch Memento, Michael Caine might pop up in a flash back.

As for what character he’ll play its up in the air. Maybe an old school business man that will rival Leonardo Dicaprio’s CEO? Perhaps he’s a former mentor or relative? The possibilities are endless and we probably wont find out until the movie comes out, because Nolan puts voodoo on those who spill his movie secrets.

Who do you think Michael Caine will play in Inception?