Director Gavin Hood made an appearance at one of the early press screenings for his upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As you can expect the director appeared in front of the audience with a heavy heart when discussing the highly publicized leak that occurred early this month. Hood was visibly upset, and emotional when discussing the incident. He acknowledged that neither he nor the studio knows how this will effect the box office reception of the film. He used this as an opportunity to explain to the fans how “unfinished” the bootleg is and how the theatrical version is worth the wait.

See what Hood says was missing from the leaked copy after the jump.

Hood confirmed that Wolverine was downloaded from an Avid computer, and gave some specifics about what was missing from the footage.

  • There are a total of 967 special effects used in the film, and 400 are missing from the leaked copy.
  • There was no music present just a temporary score.
  • The sound wasn’t edited.
  • There was no color time.
  • It was low resolution.

Overall, Hood wanted to emphasize that you should wait to see the finished product. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because there are certain things that were added later on that you wont find online. He told the audience that there are two Easter Eggs present at the end of the theatrical version of the film. The only catch is that they will be shown at different screenings, not simultaneously. I’m assuming that means if you see one, you probably will have to catch another show to see the other.

Word on the street is that one of them may have something to do with another franchise that has been talked about quite a bit recently… but we’re not giving that away!