Here are a few DVDs that are currently on sale through (by the way, they have a nice 2 for 1 DVD sale going on right now). One thing to realize about the Internet is that there is a definite focus on quantity over quality. There are so many dumb movies and television shows that somehow find a distribution deal. To help you sort through all that stuff, here is a list of some GOOD cheap DVDs…


Under $15:

There are so many movies in this category. I seem to have fond memories of Major Payne as a kid. However, I would never really recommend others to spend their money on that one. To buy, I would recommend Momento, because you have to watch to movie so many times to really understand what is going on and now, you can tackle that incredible task at your leisure.

In case you need a reminder yourself, watch the trailer below…


Under $25:

I would recommend Paris Je T’aime. This movie is a collection of sweet and touching short stories set in Paris. The film has the possibility of being overly sappy, but somehow it overcomes that. It isn’t too far into the chick flick realm, so other people can actually enjoy it. The stories also include a wide array of famous actors and directors; Natalie Portman, Gus Van Sant, Marianne Faithfull, Juliette Binoche, and Wes Craven were all involved as actors or directors.

Check out the trailer…