The European comic phenomenon, Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has recently become an important part of American cinema. Ever since directing powerhouses Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson decided to invest in making it a live action feature it has become a staple on movie blogs all over the net. According to FirstShowing, there will be an exclusive interview with the directors featured in the 20th anniversary issue of Empire Magazine. Even though their already finished with the first installment, the directors assure us that there’s more work to be done.

The Tintin film series will be broken up into three films. The first is in post production, the second is in pre-production, and they’re looking for someone to direct the third.

Jackson reveals, “We were originally planning three to be in production at the same time in different stages, and we may well do that. At the moment we have this one and the studio[s] is financing the second one as well, which is in pre-production.”

The film will be co-financed by Sony and Paramount but neither studio has green-lit the second film, which I find confusing. They haven’t given the official go ahead, yet there are rumors floating around regarding Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) as a possible candidate to direct the third film.I’m sure the studios knew from the beginning that Spielberg and Jackson intended for this to be a trilogy of sorts. Why would they sign on if they wouldn’t follow through on the other two movies? It’s not as if the filmmakers have bad box office reputations. Seriously, between the two of them the Oscar count must be ridiculous!

If you want to check out more interesting tidbits about Tintin, you can head on over to Empire. On a side note the 20th anniversary issue’s Guest Editor is Spielberg himself.