Sam Raimi has once again dropped some news regarding about his upcoming fourth installment of the Spiderman film franchise. With the director and star Tobey Maguire officially on board to return, the biggest question is will Kirsten Dunst as well? Mary Jane and Peter’s relationship wasn’t on the best terms throughout the the last film, but seemed to mend after the unfortunate death of their close friend Harry. Even with that story opening Dunst hasn’t been confirmed for a fourth go around. Can you think of Peter Parker without Mary Jane? If MJ does return should Dunst come with her or would another actress be more suitable?

According to Screenrant Raimi had this to say about Dunst’s involvement in the next film.

“I’m hoping that she is going to come aboard, and I’ve got a meeting coming up with her… I think she would like to. But I don’t want to speak on behalf of her.”

My question is how many of you want her back? I have never been shy about the fact that I’m not a fan of her as Mary Jane. A lot of viewers have openly complained about their dislike of her casting, which I’m sure Dunst is more that aware of. This may be one of the reasons she’s stayed away from Spiderman 4 talk, and kept a low profile. Either way it wouldn’t be Spiderman without his right hand lady, so what can they do to rectify this situation?

If Dunst decides against appearing in the film it wont be a deal breaker for me. But the absence of Mary Jane as a whole would be. I’m not against a recast. If they can find a capable actress who has the look and talent why not give them a shot? I’m not sure if Raimi is hellbent on keeping the original leads together or not since James Franco’s gone. When and if she comes back I would like to see some changes in her character’s story. Changes that don’t include her blending into the backdrop. The writing for her hasn’t been that great. If anything the character has become more annoying than interesting.

Where should Peter and MJ’s relationship go from here? I personally would like to see the introduction of Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat. Another female with a strong presence who leads a double life mimicking Peter’s would be a nice change of pace. Plus, it would make up for how horribly they treated Gwen Stacy in the third. I think that new blood needs to be pumped into this franchise so there can be some retribution for the last film.

What do you think should happen to Mary Jane in the fourth film? Should Dunst return or should they recast? Should Peter and MJ separate or should they stay together?