New Moon, the sequel to the illogically beloved Twilight, started it’s filming last month and is set to be released later this year. It is now being reported from and “inside source” that Eclipse, the third flick in the series, is expected to start shooting by the end of the summer, even though they still haven’t linked a director to the project or even finished the second film. Just to push the leave of ridiculousness even further, it is also being said that, Breaking Dawn, the final installment in this uncontrollable trend, is said to be in the works.

The Wrap states that the actual production won’t begin until Spring of next year. The source of this news is an anonymous person who is “close to the production,” which could be anyone from the cameraman to the guy who gets everyone their coffee. Still, Summit Entertainment (owners of the Stephanie Meyer’s novels) has neither denied or confirmed this horrendous allegation.

I can only speculate that the reason they are trying to get these done as quick as possible is because they know that all the 13 year old girls reading the books now aren’t really going to give a shit in four years, because they will have real boyfriends who, most likely, don’t drink blood. The sooner they get it over with the better. There’s no way the movies weren’t going to get made, so just get it done so that I don’t have to hear about it anymore.

Source: Cinematical