This movie has a rather sadistic draw to is. Downloading Nancy is about two wounded souls who are unhappy with their life and take connect with one another when Nancy (Maria Bello) contacts a stranger (Jason Patric) on the internet to kill her. In a weird twist of events through e-mail, pictures, and promises of perverse sexual encounters the two find comfort in one another. They use physical violence in order to release their internal pain. The more violent the sex, the deeper the love.

The more I see on this film, the more it fascinates and at the same time freaks me out. Nancy is not just confused sexually, but she has no concept of what real human emotion is. Although the film looks interesting, one has to wonder how painful it will be to watch?

Check out the second trailer below…

The film was originall premiered in Sundance in 2008, but will finally be getting a limited release for the public on June 5th, 2009.

Will you go to see it?